Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hoffman published by the Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal

Daniel Hoffman (MA '85), principal of TheNewBID.com consultancy, recently published a policy piece titled "New Approaches to Geriatric Healthcare Will Save and Improve Lives, Revitalize Neighborhoods and Spur Technical Innovation". The article notes the serious and largely ignored by local government health crises faced by Philadelphia elders and suggests not only how some of these health problems might be tackled, but also how by doing so could spark neighborhood revitalization and economic development. Hoffman's current work focuses on energy issues and geriatric policy. He also specializes in employer-assisted housing, a phrase he coined and field he created, and other workforce housing strategies. Dan encourages anyone who may be interested in these topics to contact him at dhoffmanhousing@aol.com.

Read the full piece here.
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