Monday, July 18, 2016

HHH Alumni Board Update

Join us in welcoming our new HHH Alumni Board members! The following Humphrey alums have volunteered to come back and promote the Humphrey School, helping us achieve our mission through a rich and diverse alumni network:
David R Anderson, MPA 2014
Anne Betzner, MPA 2011
James Chan, MPP 2014
Amanda Janzen, MURP 2010 
Rima Kawas, MPA 2014
Kelly Muellman, MURP 2011
Minerva Munoz, MPP 2009

While we say hello, we also say goodbye and extend a very special thanks to our retiring Humphrey Alumni Board members: 
Amelious Whyte, MA 1997
Keith Butcher, MS 2001
Emily Saunoi Sandgren, MPP 2009
Joel Larson, MPP 2009
Sarah Lynch, MPP 2001
Matt Swenson, MPP 2009 

We are so grateful for your time, talents and service on the Board! Your contributions will have far-reaching impacts. 

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