Monday, July 18, 2016

Gray sends Humphrey alum updates from Korea

Sherry Gray, Coordinator of Humphrey's Global Policy Area, had the fortune of visiting South Korea earlier this summer and reconnecting with Humphrey alums Sarah Yeo (2012), Kiwook Ha (2014), Moojoo Son (2011), Yoontaik Kim (2014), Jin Hyuk-Her (2012) and Jun Sup Han (2013). Gray wrote, "I left Korea last week bearing good memories of a lovely country with excellent food, beautiful mountains, and citizens kind to foreign visitors.  I am proud of the many talented and kind alumni from the University of Minnesota and the Humphrey School I met on my trip.  I returned to Minnesota pleased that the work our faculty and staff do to support international students, scholars and fellows is important in creating these fine networks of loyal alumni around the world."

See her full Global Notes blog post here.

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