Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Beckmann focuses on diversity efforts in St. Paul

Deputy St. Paul Mayor, Kristin Beckmann (MA '03), a former executive director of the Service Employees International Union in Minnesota, is overseeing city efforts to hire more racial and ethnic minorities in better proportion to the city's demographics.

Article excerpt:
"Beckmann, St. Paul's deputy mayor, has been meeting with department heads to review new "racial equity plans" aimed at boosting minority hiring within their divisions.

In St. Paul, "60 percent of the kids are not white," said Beckmann, who became Mayor Chris Coleman's second-in-command in May. "So the St. Paul population is going to become more and more diverse. And St. Paul jobs are good union jobs, with health care and benefits. I want more of our St. Paul residents to have these jobs."

In her first seven months, Beckmann has turned racial equality in city hiring and the redevelopment of the 122-acre Ford Motor Co. campus in Highland Park into two cornerstones of her short tenure."

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Pioneer Press.

(Photo courtesy of St. Paul Mayor's office)

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