Friday, April 4, 2014

Abariotes named a 2014 Bush Fellow

Andriana Abariotes.pngAndriana Abariotes (MA '96) was recently named a 2014 Bush Fellow. A Bush Fellowship provides individuals with opportunities to demonstrate and improve their capacity for leadership as they learn by doing. The work of the Fellowship is to blend opportunities for personal development with efforts to effectively engage with others to create positive change within their communities.

From the Bush Fellows website:

"As executive director of Local Initiatives Support Corporation - Twin Cities, Andriana Abariotes works with more than 30 different community-based developers and neighborhood partnerships to direct millions of dollars in investments to some of the region's most challenging neighborhood. Andriana sees an opportunity to dramatically improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods she serves by working to transform the relationship between health care and community development organizations. She will use her Fellowship to build the skills and relationships necessary to bring this vision to life."

Meet all of the 2014 Bush Fellows.

Photo courtesy of the Bush Foundation.

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