Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thorpe lands new position through networking

David Thorpe.jpgAfter moving to Denver this fall David Thorpe (MURP '11) started job searching through a variety of avenues, including government job listings, his existing professional network in the Denver area, and the Humphrey Alumni network. He ultimately found his new position through the Urban Land Institute at a young professional happy hour where he was introduced to some of the staff at Norris Design. Networking matters, as it turns out! He was offered the position of Staff Planner at Norris Design and happily accepted.

David shares his work experiences:

"My day-to-day workload is constantly changing, but entails a fair bit of work in AutoCAD, primarily drafting various planning, entitlement, and landscaping documents. I also work in Photoshop to produce presentation graphics for our clients, and I spend a considerable amount of time leaning over a drafting table working in pencil on tracing paper to develop lotting options for particular sites."

"Our firm has about 65+ people in 6 cities across the West and Midwest, with the bulk of the staff housed in our Denver office. The work environment is excellent and the office culture is great. And there's a bit more natural light than those labs in the basement of the Humphrey...... One scheduling plus is that we close the office at 3pm on Fridays in the winter and Noon on Fridays in the summer - and then take off for the mountains. Dogs are welcome in the office on Fridays, too."

David continues:

"I'm continually thankful for this position, the culture of the company, and the chance to be a part of the Norris team. The Humphrey School was great training for my professional career and I'm grateful for the chance to have been there.

Feel free to call or write if you're in the Denver area. And think of Norris Design if you have any planning or landscape architecture needs!"

Connect with David via email at jdavidthorpe@gmail.com

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