Friday, November 15, 2013

Mendis authors new book

UPA Cover Front in JPEG.jpgPatrick Mendis (MA '84) has authored another book, Peaceful War. He is a distinguished senior fellow in the School of Public Policy at George Mason University. He is also an affiliate professor of public and international affairs as well as an adjunct professor of geography and geoinformation science.

Synopsis of his new book:

This book provides an epic analysis of the unfolding drama between the clashing forces of the Chinese dream and American destiny. Just as the American experiment evolved, Deng Xiaoping's China has been using "Hamiltonian means to Jeffersonian ends" and borrowed the founding idea of the American Dream as a model for China's "peaceful rise." With a possible "fiscal cliff" in America and a "social cliff" in China, the author revisits the history of Sino-American relations to explore the prospects for a return to the long-forgotten Beijing-Washington love affair. The real question is: will China ultimately evolve into a democratic nation by rewriting the American Dream in Chinese characters, and how might this transpire?

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