Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mitchell Co-Founds Waste Wise

katrina-mitchell.jpgKatrina Mitchell (MURP '06) recently co-founded Waste Wise, a new initiative to address the global waste crisis. Waste Wise is using 21st Century tools to bridge the expertise gap in waste solutions expertise worldwide. Compared to existing ways information is shared - conferences and complex studies - Waste Wise believes their initiative has great potential for expanding access to thought leaders while achieving nearly zero environmental impact and extreme affordability.

Before helping to found Waste Wise, Katrina was a studio manager at Earl Kendall Photography, producer at Target Corporations, and a consultant at Stine and Associates. While attending the Humphrey School, Katrina worked as a research assistant.

For more information about Waste Wise - visit their website: www.wastewise.be

Connect with Katrina on LinkedIn.

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