Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hansen joins staff of University of California-Davis


Britta Hansen(MDP '10) recently accepted a position with the Horticulture Collaborative Research Support Program (Hort CRSP) at the University of California-Davis. Established by USAID, Hort CRSP provides funding to support global horticultural development, improve food security, improve nutrition and human health, provide opportunities for diversification of income, and "advance economic and social conditions of the rural poor, particularly women."

In her new position, Hansen supports Hort CRSP's Regional Centers of Innovation (RCI) and works to establish strong relationships at and within these centers, starting with Thailand, Kenya, and Honduras. She will develop the centers' training and technology programs through collaborative efforts with the centers' host institutions (Kasetsart University, Zamorano University, and Kenya Agricultural Research Institute), USAID Missions, and Horticulture CRSP Project PIs.

Hansen writes, "I am very excited about this new opportunity and starting my career in California! The Humphrey school, especially the MDP program, has prepared me well for all that is to come."

Connect with Britta: Britta.lilley@gmail.com


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