Monday, March 5, 2012

Greenwood-Sanchez begins work in Chile

David Greenwood-Sanchez (MPP 2011) recently accepted a job as a research analyst with Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) Latin America, in Santiago, Chile. J-PAL works to fight poverty by evaluating development programs and then promoting successful efforts on a larger scale. As a research analysis, Greenwood-Sanchez is involved in most parts of the evaluation process including writing grants, preparing budgets, organizing and analyzing the evaluation data, preparing surveys, hiring survey companies, communicating with funders and partner organizations, and working with professors and other researchers to piece together all of the information. He is currently working on three randomized evaluations in the fields of higher education, discrimination, and female labor force participation. Greenwood-Sanchez writes that his job is "a lot of work, no question, but [it is] also very satisfying to be constantly learning and working for a good cause." He can be contacted by email at


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