Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ohmann bids adieu to PSG

Laurie Ohmann (MA 1988) announced that she is leaving PSG, a consulting business she co-owned, after 21 years. "It's just time to start painting another panel on my career canvas," Ohmann said of her decision. Ohmann was PSG's financial officer and, most recently, its CEO while also leading a range of consulting engagements. Ohmann's work spanned federal, state, and local levels of government and non-profits in policy areas that included transportation, national drug control policy, early childhood education, housing, and support for the developmentally disabled. Ohmann was part of the PSG team that provided superintendent leadership to the Minneapolis Public Schools under a path-breaking contract in the mid-'90s and she also served as a key consultant to several systemic change efforts in the US Department of Education, the Illinois Department of Child & Family Services, and the State of Iowa. During a leave from PSG, Ohmann served in Governor Jesse Ventura's administration as the Executive Director for the Minnesota Center for Crime Victims Services.

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