Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heggeness begins job with U.S. Census Bureau

Misty Heggeness (MPP '02) accepted a position as an economist at the Poverty Statistics Branch of the U.S. Census Bureau in September. Her previous position was as a development economist at the U.S. Department of Labor/International Labor Affairs Bureau. At the Census Bureau, Heggeness works on a team with economists, sociologists, and statisticians to produce official poverty estimates each year. As an economic demographer with a focus on the family, Heggeness is engaged in research on the supplemental poverty measure's (SPM) unit of analysis. She and her colleagues are using the American Community Survey to develop the SPM's unit of analysis so that local area poverty estimates can be produced. This work will allow states and local governments to report SPM estimates for their respective geographic areas. Heggeness also is conducting research on other aspects of the SPM, about how the SPM changes the dynamics of mother-only families living in poverty. She can be reached at

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