Friday, July 15, 2005

Osdoba works for the City of Vancouver, B.C.

Thomas Osdoba (MA '86) is manager of the stability group for the City of Vancouver in British Columbia.

Nelson co-founds PR/public affiars firm

Lynn Ingrid Nelson (MA '94) co-founded a PR/public affairs firm. See more at

Mendis continues work in Sri Lanka

Patrick Mendis (MA '84) continues to work on tsunami aid in his native Sri Lanka.

McCarty employed by OutFront Minnesota

Laura McCarty (MPP '01) is development director for OutFront Minnesota.

Mazullo works for the University of Minnesota

Jillian Mazullo (MURP '99) is a research fellow at Law School Institutes at the University of Minnesota.

Matakis works for Wisconsin's Lieutenant Governor Lawton

Brian Matakis (MA '96) was appointed chief of staff by Wisconsin's Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton. Matakis will serve Lt. Governor Lawton in staff advancement, policy development, civic outreach, and strategic communications. He will also work closely with the Office of the Governor on key initiatives for the Dayle-Lawton Administration. Read the full press release.

Lehman starts The Lehman Group

Tom Lehman (MA '82) started his own government relations company, The Lehman Group, after nearly 20 years of lobbying in Washington, D.C. and St. Paul, Minnesota. Lehman represents a variety of hospital, nursing home, health care provider, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and service industry interests with elected and appointed officials in Minnesota. For more information, see

Lefko leads International Business Development Council, Inc.

Todd Lefko (MA '66) is president of International Business Development Council, Inc., an import-export business in Elk River, Minnesota.

Lau joins the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Sabrina Lau (MA '95) has taken a new position as a CriMNet business and planning analyst with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension at the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Kelleher works for U.S. Trade Representative

James Kelleher (MA '92) is assistant general counsel for the United States Trade Representative.

Kane is employed by Northeast-Midwest Institute

Matt Kane (MA '84) telecommutes from Minnesota to the Northeast-Midwest Institute, a think tank in Washington, D.C.

Hotz works for The Steier Group

Robert Hotz (MA '92) is a development consultant for The Steier Group in Chicago, Illinois.

Homgren heads Portico Healthnet

Debra Homgren (MPA '02) is president of Portico Healthnet.

Hogg announces candidacy for Iowa Senate

Rob Hogg (MA '89) announced in June his candidacy in 2006 for the Iowa Senate from Senate District 19. Hogg has served two terms in the Iowa House.

Hames works for Hamilton County, Ohio

Peter Hames (MA '72) is a senior executive assistant county administrator for Hamilton County, Ohio.

Grabow, in memoriam

Mark Frederick Grabow (MA '67) passed away on April 24, 2005.

Farah is employed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Hodan Farah (MPP '99) is an economist at the Economic Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Eiken works at Medstat

Steve Eiken (MA '93) is a research leader at Medstat in Eagan, Minnesota.

Davis Gooding works in Greensboro, North Carolina

Kamarrie Davis Gooding (MPP '02) is a research associate/evaluation manager, in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Corneli promoted within NRG Energy, Inc.

Steven Corneli (MA '89) was promoted to vice president, regulatory and government affairs, at NRG Energy, Inc. His new position is based in Princeton, New Jersey.

Conway leads at Blue Cross

Liz Conway (MA '84) works at Blue Cross, leading a project management group in the Medicare area.

Chabel works for U.S. Senator Baucus

Simon Chabel (MPP '01) is a legislative assistant for U.S. Senator Max Baucus, Montanta.

Canchi pursues PhD at Purdue

Devandra Canchi (MPP '00) left his job with GMAC and is now in the Ph.D. program at Purdue.

Burns welcomes a son

Katie Burns (MA '97) welcomes a boy to family, Aidan Thomas McMahon, born May 20, 2005.

Benson and Eiken welcome a daughter

Kari Benson (MA '97) and Steve Eiken (MA '93) welcome a girl, Samantha, born summer, 2004.

Benson begins work with Minnesota Department of Human Services

Kari Benson (MA '97) has returned to Minnesota from Washington, D.C. based U.S. Administration of Aging. She currently is working with LaRhae Knatterud (MA '70) on a project for the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Bartz employed by IFES

Eric Bartz (MPP '02) is a program assistant with IFES, an international political development organization, in Washington, D.C.